Diesel Cafe
The Best of Diesel Cafe
(Double Album)


Diesel Cafe
The Best of Diesel Cafe
(Double Album)


Naked Blade
Better Be Something
Tossing And Turning
Walls Of Stone
Get It Together
Pictures On The Wall
Little Blue Skies
What Are You Thinkin'?
Wake Me
White Pearls
Don't Look Away
Diesel Cafe
Touch My Soul
All That's Left
My Faith Still Lies In You
Heart Could Be Broken
It's All On You
Do It Right
King Of Hearts
Emotional Ties (Live on KLOS FM)
That Girl Up There
Take Me With You
Walk In The Park
Free The Free Country
Mistress Eyes
Your Love Is mine
Bonus Track - The Taste Of Passion (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack Welcome to 18)
Bonus Track - Man In The Moon (Live)
Bonus Track - White Wave (from the Motion Picture Soundtrack _Welcome to 18_


Compiled as the “Best of Rockwell Scharer” this album includes never before heard tracks that were written between the early 90s and 2001 when Scharer was a struggling songwriter developing his craft.  In the early 1990’s famed Doobie Brothers producer Ted Templeman asked to represent Scharer as a recording artist but he turned him down.  In 1997 he recorded a Top Forty single called “Get It Together” (Scharer’s least favorite song).  At the turn of the century Scharer was discouraged with the record industry and quit music.  He turned to real estate development where he became very successful and retired early in 2006 in his early forties.  When the Great Recession came, he lost it all to bank fraud in the Great Recession of 2008, specifically due to OneWest Bank’s purchase of IndyMac’s failed bank, and Steve Mnuchin’s fraudulent business practices at OneWest, including illegal foreclosures.  Also contributing to Scharer’s financial demise was Wells Fargo’s admitted bank fraud and deceitful business practices despite a Consent Decree with the U.S. Treasury in order to obtain TARP funds, the bailout by U.S. Taxpayers. Using this tragic event to spur a creative spree, Scharer went on to invent the inflatable DropKey Studio in a Bag paired with DropKey, a Chroma key Camera App on smart devices.  Scharer also wrote his sixth novel (and film) called “The Reckoning” about his experience during the Crash of 2008, and more recently completed a novel and blockbuster film called “Thornwillow”, an origin story about Young Santa, a tentpole studio Christmas release.


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The Best of Diesel Cafe
(Double Album)”

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